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Orodent High Translucent 1200 MPa

Zirconia High Traslucent for a smile as sparkling as crystal clear water! A timeless white, to bring brilliance back to smiles. The high flexural strength makes the zirconia disc material suitable for single crowns, large bridges, anatomical restorations or ceramic veneers.

Full description

Highly translucent zirconia with high flexural strength suitable for all work from single crowns to large bridges up to 12 units, both anatomical and reduced for veneering with ceramics.

  • Diameter: Ø: 98 mm Ø: 95 mm with minimum
  • Available heights: 10 mm to 25 mm.
  • Indications: Perfect for fully anatomical or reduced structures
  • Missingelements: max 2
  • Disc colour: Sparkling white
  • Colouring recommendations: Immersion technique for 15 seconds or Brush technique* with COLORODENT BASIC and COLORODENT SUPERCOLORI

Data sheet

Flexural strength

1200 MPa



Types of Work

Crowns, simple bridges, Suspended bridges


1530 °C

Coloring liquids


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