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About Us


To be a winning team, able to lead with passion internal and external customers to change giving them the prospect of unlimited prosperity.


To be the one-stop shop in the dental market as expertise and excellence to accompany people with passion and empathy to continuous innovative growth

Our Story

Orodent was established in 1984 from an idea of Gaetano Gambini, to provide the market with Made in Italy precious alloys quality.

Over the years, the desire to create a safe, high quality product with selected raw materials has transformed Orodent from a small company into an international reality.

Even today, the artisan choice prevails over multinational choices, to give a human centric approach to our customers.

From dental alloys to zirconia

Since 2007, at Orodent, we have chosen zirconia, which requires an innovative and engineering approach to dentistry.

This choice has proved to be a winner and has allowed us to definitively enter an international market.

Discs per year

Our production uses a sophisticated double-action uniaxial pressing programme to achieve homogeneous density values to produce high-precision discs.


Orodent zirconia goes through a very long pre-sintering process to obtain very high quality discs.

Quality Check

We prefer an artisan method: enriched by an ever-growing know-how. We keep our long history of craftsmanship alive in our productions, focusing on attention to detail and the study of the best raw materials, maintaining local production and supporting 100% Made in Italy.


Zirconia is a treated with care device; that is why we offer our assistance and support. We organise training workshops to give you an all-round knowledge of this material.

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Tosoh certificato

Our operating standards are certified by a quality control system specific to the medical and medical device industry.
They are essential for us to distribute products in the global market.

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