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The Italian excellence of dental zirconia

Production and sale of Zirconia discs with free delivery in Europe in 24/48 hours

Multilayer zirconia

Single-layer zirconia

100% TOSOH manufacturers

We use only TOSOH Corporation-Japan certified powders as they guarantee the highest level of purity and the best production standards in terms of biocompatibility, strength and aesthetics.

Choose MADE in ITALY

We produce discs for open CAD/CAM systems with safety, reliability and quality.

Research and developement

Orodent’s attitude aimed at listening to the customer allows it to direct research for the development of the device that must meet market needs.

With Orodent be different

High-performance materials in terms of biocompatibility, strength and aesthetics for dentistry.

All about our zirconia discs


We directly provide pre- and post-sales service for every aspect related to the use of our devices.


We choose competent and professional distributors, for a human centric approach. We believe in long-lasting relationships and mutual trust

Fast delivery in 24/48h

We guarantee immediate availability of devices and delivery to Europe in 24/48 hours.


We export to the world but choose to be artisans, to create a product that is controlled at all stages of production.

Technical advice and assistance

Describe the situation

You will have a dedicated and specialised customer care to guide you in the choice of the most suitable zirconia for your prosthetic structure and in the resolution of difficulties regarding the processing of zirconia discs.

They say about us

Labor 3
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Service and excellent products, Orodent is a company made up of highly qualified, friendly people, willing to listen and problem solving. Our collaboration has lasted for several years because we have found valid technical support for the new CAD / CAM technologies, which we have not had with other companies.
Elle Emme Dental
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In Orodent we have not found a mere supplier, but colleagues and people capable of giving thoughtful advice. Furthermore, there was no lack of great support and extreme commercial professionalism.
Romeo Pascetta
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Orodent is a company that boasts product quality, reliability and honesty in its relationship with its customers. It provides information on materials and new technologies that allow continuous updating, in a sector in constant growth and evolution. It always involves customers in the overall improvement of their business. Thanks for the valuable professional support!
Labor 3
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The added value of this company is that they consider customers as collaborators, always trying to improve products with cutting-edge service supported by updating programs that improve the quality of our work. This also favors an exchange of know-how between Orodent and the technicians. Thanks to all the staff!
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Orodent bases the collaboration with the client on the human relationship. I found a very high quality of the product and a respect for customers that perfectly reflect the quality of the people of Orodent. I am very honored to collaborate with them.
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At Drăghici Dental, one of the major players in Romania's dental industry for more than a decade, we are proud to state that we have been exclusively using Orodent Zirconia for 4 years. The feedback received from our clinician customers and their patients is 100% positive, and the collaboration with Orodent is excellent: professionalism, promptness, trustworthy support and fair quality-price ratio. Thank you for delivering products that meet our high expectations, Orodent!
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Orodent is a company which creates unique products. Thanks to the dedication and high knowledge. They have create a series of products that cover all requirements of prosthodontics. From our experience we can surely point out that zirconia EOS is unique because it can gives us high aesthetic results, color identification and proper functionality. Orodent is for us 'Pagani zonda' of dental zirconium.
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