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Open Day & Workshop

Zirconia for open systems: our refresher courses for dental technicians Every year we organise Open Days & Workshops to present zirconia discs to specialists in the field. . It is an information and training event aimed at dental technicians who want to update their skills on an innovative and sensitive material: zirconia, with its specific […]

Colloquium Dental 2021 : Orodent zirconia in Montichiari Fair – Brescia

Italian Dental Show – Zirconia Colloquium Dental 2021 We were present at one of the most important events in the Italian and international dental sector. The 24,000-metre exhibition centre in Montichiari – Brescia gave space to: -Occlusal philosophy in the digital era Digital and analogue wax-ups Digital registration of the centric relation – The state […]

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