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Attachments Male Overdenture Era Sterngold 2 mm

Universal extracoronal resilient anchorage. Era attachments consist of a female resin model, a black fabrication male attachment that creates 0.4 mm of vertical resilience and 6 male snap-on attachments coloured according to a code. Each colour indicates a different degree of retention.

Full description

FEMALE: Castable
MALE: Nylon
MALE WIDTH: 4.3 mm


Unilateral or bilateral partial prothesis, where a resilient prosthesis is indicated. As the ERA allows greater rotation than its radius, it is indicated where the alignment of the saddle and abutments involve the development of forces that significantly diverge the attachment. The attachment is also suitable for use in combination with retention hooks.


    • The male attachment in nylon eliminates female usury
    • Immediate male replacement
    • Female is incorporated directly into the moulding for single casting
    • Compatibility with hard precious and non-precious alloys
    • Can be used in fixed rehabilitations
    • The position of the female allows space for the interdental papilla
    • Vertical resilience of 0.4 mm enables to relieve weak abutments

Data sheet


Black, Blue, Grey, Orange, Red, White, Yellow


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